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At Danny's Septic Service we feel the service and expertise we provide for your septic system is unmatched. And we believe it shows. Check out testimonials below, or look through some tips we have to keep your septic system running smoothly. You can contact us anytime for all your septic needs.

Septic System Tips

The ONLY products we recommend flushing or disposing in a sink are:

  • septic-safe paper products (in moderation)
  • mild detergents
  • human waste

If you have any questions on if a product is safe for your septic system, contact us anytime or call us at 317.892.2476.

The following items will cause blockages and we recommend NEVER flushing them down your toilet or sink:

  • tampons/feminine hygiene product
  • condoms
  • chemicals such as paint, paint thinner, excessive bleach, etc.
  • grease and oils
  • baby wipes/cleaning pads/other "flushable" wipes
  • dental floss
  • q-tips/cotton balls
  • diapers

NEVER dispose of your grease into your septic system! Grease will block septic pipes and cause blockages. This includes flushing it down the toilet.

We also recommend limiting use of a garbage disposal for kitchen waste. It causes excessive waste to break down slower in the septic tank.

Dispose of these items in the garbage or your with your local recycling center. Contact us anytime if you have questions.

Extra thick or strong toilet paper does not break down well. We recommend regular strength, biodegradable, or recycled toilet paper.

Flushable wipes are NOT septic safe even though it says so on the packaging. They do not break down, clogging up the pipes to the tank and absorption field.

Prevent costly repairs by disposing of wipes in the garbage.

A septic tank should be pumped/cleaned every 3-5 years.

If you have questions on septic system maintenance, don't hesitate to contact us or call us anytime at 317.892.2476.

Bacteria Enzymes will help keep healthy bacteria in your tank and break down waste.

We recommend our bacteria packets or products such as Rid-X to maintain a healthy septic system.

The drainfield is the surface and lower area surrounding your septic system.

Protect this area by remembering three simple steps:

  • Parking: Do not drive over septic systems or the absorption field.
  • Planting: Do not plant shrubs, bushes or trees on or near a septic system.
  • Placing: Keep water drainage away from the drainfield, and limit water usage during periods of excessive rain or if the ground seems overly saturated.

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